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The real reason Joshua WONG was blacklisted and deported by Thailand

Following Joshua WONG’s deportation from Thailand he wants to know why he was blacklisted and which other countries he is likely to be blacklisted in. 

Photo courtsey of SCMP

These questions are answered below:

Why was Joshua WONG blacklisted and deported from Thailand?

Almost every year since 1983 the US Congress has allocated US Government funds to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to ‘strengthen democracy’ around the world.

One of the ways the NED does this is through mounting ‘color revolutions’ to topple legitimate governments and replace them with US subservient systems. Every country in Asia is now aware of the chaos caused by the NED organized Middle East – North Africa (MENA) color revolutions and as a result, now appreciate the threat that NED activities pose in their own countries.

They are also aware the Occupy Central protests/Umbrella Movement was a failed color revolution mounted in Hong Kong by the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The NDI is the Democratic Party wing of the NED and  one of the NED’s four core grantees, so because the NED are still funding activities in Hong Kong, almost every country in Asia is watching things here closely. Joshua WONG is an NED puppet and the willing face of the NED color revolution in Hong Kong.

What threat does Joshua WONG pose to Thailand?

Joshua WONG as an individual is insignificant. He poses no threat to anyone, but when he is being manipulated as a tool of American foreign policy, he poses a very real threat to the National Security of anywhere in Asia where the NED is funding activities, including Thailand. The reasons for this can be found in two US Government funded strategies:

The NDI target youth in their programs

The NDI consider youth as a key component of NDI programs. As early as 2004 the NDI were working to develop youth activists in over 50 countries and today those countries include China (Hong Kong), China (Taiwan), Thailand, Malaysia and others. To show the importance the NDI place on youth, here are details from the NDI 2012 Civic Update on Youth Programming:

NDI Civic Update on Youth Programming. May 2012
Front Page

NDI Civic Update on Youth Programming. May 2012
Article on Why the NDI works with Youth

Read about how the NDI implemented their Youth Program in Hong Kong in the following post:

The NED is building networks of cross-border activists

In the NED 2012 Strategy Document, one of the NED’s key goals is building cross-border networks of democracy activists, of whom youth are a key component.

NED 2012 Strategy Document

NED 2012 Strategy Document
Building Cross-Border Networks

NED 2012 Strategy Document
Building Cross-Border Networks

NED 2012 Strategy Document
Building Cross-Border Networks

Joshua WONG is a component in this NED cross-border activist network in Asia. The issue is, Asian leaders have seen how the NED has destabilized nations across the world with their color revolutions, so they will quite rightly take all legitimate means to ensure their countries are not next on the list. 

Read the 2012 NED Strategy Document here:

Examples of Joshua WONG related NED activities

1. NED activities in Hong Kong

The NED has been funding subversive activities in Hong Kong since 1996. Here’s a list of all NED grants to Hong Kong since 1996:

Significant amongst these if the following NED grant in 2012 to the NDI to fund Hong Kong’s color revolution (Occupy Central protests/Umbrella Movement):

“National Democratic Institute for International Affairs - US$460,000 - To foster awareness regarding Hong Kong's political institutions and constitutional reform process and to develop the capacity of citizens - particularly university students - to more effectively participate in the public debate on political reform, NDI will work with civil society organizations on parliamentary monitoring, a survey, and development of an Internet portal, allowing students and citizens to explore possible reforms leading to universal suffrage”.

NED Annual Report 2012
NED Grants to China (Hong Kong)

2. NED activities in Malaysia

Joshua WONG was deported from Malaysia on 26 May 2015 after trying to meet up with Malaysian activists.

Photo and text courtesy of Wall Street Journal

The NED has been funding subversive activities in Malaysia since 1999. Here are details of the NED’s grant page to Malaysia from their 2015 Annual Report:

NED Annual Report 2015
NED Grants to Malaysia

3. NED activities in Thailand

Joshua WONG was deported from Thailand in October 2016 after trying to meet up with Thai activists. The NED has been funding subversive activities in Thailand since 1996. Here are details of the NED’s grant page to Thailand from their 2015 Annual Report:

NED Annual Report 2015
NED Grants to Thailand

Which other countries is Joshua WONG likely to be blacklisted in? 

The answer to this is actually quite simple – just check out the NED website and find out where else they are funding activities in Asia. 

Here’s a list of some of the countries which received NED funding for programs in 2015. In many cases, this is the first page - some of these countries are receiving numerous grants (Source: NED Annual Report 2015):









North Korea


Sri Lanka



The NED also fund programs through their grants to Asia and South Asia. 
Some of the recent grants to Hong Kong are 'hidden' in here.

This is just the list of grantees in 2015. The NED are funding programs in other countries which did not receive grants in 2015. 

Our advice to Joshua WONG

Rather than bother the Hong Kong Government, we recommend Joshua WONG and all of his student activist friends check with their American handlers before making any future travel arrangements. They after all are the people with the most up-to-date information on where the NED are funding subversive activities and more importantly, which country is next in line for a color revolution.

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